How to Play Jackpot Fishing

Introducing Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing is an attractive fish shooting game inspired by classic electronic shooting games but improved with many modern features and the opportunity to win big cash. Players will take on the role of a fisherman who uses a gun to shoot fish and collect points to accumulate winnings. When reaching a certain number of points, players will have the opportunity to win the Jackpot which is a valuable cash reward. To add more drama to the game, the publisher also added many different game modes and countless types of fish with their own personalities, giving players diverse and interesting experiences.

Special bullets and powers

Regular bullets: Basic bullets have a default value, suitable for small fish.
Dual bullets: Bullets double the attack power, helping to collect points faster.
Penetrating bullets: Bullets that can penetrate fish layers and attack multiple targets continuously.
Laser bullets: Bullets that create strong light and have high destructive power, but are very expensive.
Explosive bullets: Bullets that cause widespread damage and can destroy many surrounding fish.
Protective shield: Helps prevent damage received for a certain period of time.
Freeze: An ability used to freeze fish, immobilizing them before attacking.
Downtime Trigger: Extremely powerful power that freezes everything on screen for a short time.

Diverse game modes

Individual game mode: Players will compete with virtual opponents to hunt the most fish and get the highest score. Suitable for those who like private experiences and challenge themselves.
Team play mode: A group of players will work together to kill as many fish as possible and share the points earned. This game mode is suitable for those who want to experience a team game.
Tournament mode: Players will participate in periodic tournaments to win high-value rewards, suitable for those who are competitive and want to show off their fish shooting skills to everyone.
Unlimited refill tables

Type of gameSlot
Publish Time2021
Highest Multiplier 375X
Special Features●3X3 reel face, 5 lines
●Get multiplier for each winning
●Whole reel face reward available
Supported Platforms Window / Andriod / Mac / HTML5
Supported Languages简体中文 / English / 日本語 / ไทย / Tiếng việt / Bahasa Indonesia / Myanmar / Español / Português / 한국인


Jackpot Fishing is an interesting and exciting fish shooting game with beautiful graphics, vivid sound, and many attractive features. The game also offers the opportunity to make money by winning an attractive double Jackpot. With special bullets and tools, combined with unlimited card refills, players can increase the excitement and chances of winning big. Currently, the game is making waves at online casinos like FBJILI and WJpeso Casino, so get ready for the upcoming exciting Jackpot Fishing journey.